Homestuck Holidays

So, my friend was like “If there’s Valentine’s Day for Matesprits, then there should be three other holidays for the other quadrants.” Here’s the proposed plan:

Febuary 14 (Matespritstag)
Celebrated as Valentine’s Day, with Matesprits acting like Matesprits.

May 14 (Auspistice Day)
You and your (non-kismesis) rival have to work together to do something nice for your Auspistice.

August 14 (Kismeseve)
 Like Matespritstag, but the opposite. Do something big, showy and antagonistic for that special someone.

November 14 (Moirailween)
Moirailween (also called friendsgiving) is a special time for pale-bros to thank one another for keeping them in check and always being there for them. As with all fall-holidays, unhealthy food is involved.

Once per year, on the date that you met your Kismesis, you celebrate your Antagiversary! As with anniversaries and Matespritstag, your antagiversary will have a lot in common with Kismeseve. Perhaps you could pay special attention to remind your caliginous mate why you two first started hating each other so much.

Note: if anyone is artistic/good with photoshop, my friend and I want someone to make greeting cards for these days.

Happy Celebrating!